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Country Energy Fest




County Energy Fest Canceled


(Carrollton, OH) — The Country Energy Fest Committee has canceled the 2016 Country Energy Fest and Rib Burn Off scheduled for June 3 & 4. Contract negotiations with a country entertainer were halted by the Carroll County Agricultural Society (fairboard) in December when the structural integrity of the grandstand was questioned.

“Our main concern is our patrons. We cannot have a crowd in the grandstand if it is unsafe,” said Amy Rutledge, Country Energy Fest committee member. “We took a step back, reworked our festival plan to exclude use of the grandstand and created a festival budget that better suited the needs of the fairboard.”

The revised plan, presented by Rutledge at the January 19 fairboard meeting, included a Ribs Burn-off, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight and a free country music concert on the midway. The committee planned to rebrand the Saturday event as a free concert in an effort to sustain the event while the grandstand repairs were completed.

“A couple of the fairboard members encouraged us to bring a revised plan to the January meeting. However, the board took no formal action in support of, or against, the revised plan,” said Rutledge. “This lack of action puts the committee in a tough position. We can’t move forward if the fairboard doesn’t support Country Energy Fest.”

The Country Energy Fest Committee is made up of fairboard members, businessmen and women, and community leaders who volunteer their expertise to plan and implement the event. The committee is legally bound by the fairboard and cannot pursue contracts with vendors, entertainers or sponsors without board action in support of the committee’s plan.

“We have pushed the limits of the time needed to produce an event of this caliber,” said Rutledge. “The January meeting was the deciding factor how, and if, we proceeded with the festival. It takes time to secure entertainment, vendors and sponsors – time we no longer have.”

The delay in planning also put Country Energy Fest in a position of competition for rib burners and food vendors, who were being courted by other events the same weekend.

Structural integrity of the grandstand was initially brought to light in August 2015 when a chunk of concrete fell out of the seating area of the Northeast corner of the facility. The structural engineer hired in December by the fairboard had not returned a report, and no timeline had been established for repairs, at the time of the January meeting.

            The Country Energy Fest Committee extends its appreciation to the community organizations and individuals who have supported the festival. Your patronage is appreciated.

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