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Jr. Fair Auction

Auction Links

On-line Bidding Instructions

For all buyers, please click on the respective auction link above to access the website or visit https://www.stockshowauctions.com/auctions. Please note that all online bidders will have to submit a credit card to be allowed to bid online; however, you do not have to pay by credit card.This is meant as a way to minimize fraudulent bids.If you do not have a credit card, please contact Wes Frew at 234-521-3909 (text preferred) to ask for an exemption.


For new buyers, please see these instructions on how to register as a new buyer.


If you registered with an email address, an email was sent with instructions on how to log in to your account on the new system.

If you registered without an email address, please call/text Wes Frew at 234-521-3909 to have your email address added to your account.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must have a Buyer’s Number to purchase.
  • All purchases must be paid in full by 30 days after the sale. After 30 days, a 2% late fee will be added for each month the purchases are not paid in full.
    • Checks payable to:Carroll Co. Jr. Fair Sales Committee
    • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for payment. The buyer is responsible for all processing charges.
  • Please fill out the “Sale Invoice” for any livestock lot your purchase. This paper will be brought to you shortly after you purchase the lot. Please return it to the sale clerks before leaving for the evening.
  • There is a 30 mile maximum delivery radius from the fairgrounds for exhibitors to deliver still projects (purchased online), processed chickens, and processed turkeys. Over 30 miles, the exhibitor and buyer will need to agree to a delivery location within 30 miles of the fairgrounds.
  • Still projects that are purchased in-person at the fair by the buyer are the responsibility of the buyer to haul home. Still projects that are going to the state fair will not be delivered to the buyer until after the state fair.
  • There will be NO RESALES of animals.
  • Animals sold are not to be returned to the member, as that animal is not eligible to be shown by that exhibitor or any other 4-H/FFA member in any Junior Show in any Ohio County, Independent, or State Fair.
  • Market Beef Steer, Dairy Steer, Hog, Lamb, & Goat champions must go to slaughter.
  • All animals that are sold (except rabbits & poultry) will be released at 6 AM, Sunday, July 21. Market rabbits and ducks will be released at 2 PM, and market chickens and turkeys will be delivered by the exhibitor (within a 30 mile radius of the fairgrounds). After the respective release time, the animal becomes the responsibility of the buyer, with the exception of failing carcass inspection, provided the animal is slaughtered within 24 hours of release.
  • Corrections of animal tag numbers must be made before the species starts to sell. Animal tag numbers in this sale bill stand once the species has started to sell.
  • If the internet connection is lost during the sale, the sale will pause until the connection at the sale is restored.
  • We extend a special Thank You to the auctioneers for their services at this sale.
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